Jet Peel Facial

Jet Peel Facial
Jet Peel Facial

Imagine your skin literally being fed hydration. That is exactly what you will receive with a Jet Peel facial. A Jet Peel is performed by using a device that shoots a high-pressured aerosol stream (at a velocity of 600 feet per second) deep into the epidermis. The aerosol contains cleansers and peptides that also nourish. The device does this without ever touching your skin which makes it noninvasive. The high-pressure action exfoliates while depositing active solutions and peptides in the skin. The result is plump, glowing, and hydrated skin. This treatment is great for those that have dehydrated skin, aging skin, or skin that has extensive laxity (looseness).

Unlike the name suggests, you do not actually peel from a Jet Peel facial…but you do receive many benefits that come from a chemical peel. If you travel often, consider this your post-travel “skin pick-me-up”. The treatment is also ideal when combined with more invasive services.

Benefits of the Jet Peel Facial

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Jet Peel

30 Minutes

Single Session $120
Package of 3 $300 ($100 each)

This treatment offers all the benefits of the Dermaplane Professional Facial but in half the time. It is ideal for clients that need to prep their skin for an upcoming event or occasion (allow sufficient recovery time before applying makeup – usually 24 hours to several days).


If you are currently on any type of retinol products or Differen you must discontinue use for at least two weeks prior to your service. You must avoid this service if you currently take Accutane or have not been off Accutane for less than one year.

Not at all! Whereas the HydroFacial uses a device to physically cleanse, exfoliate, and extract, the Jet Peel never touches the skin. The Jet Peel device emits mixture pressurized air and a serum cocktail to cleanse, exfoliate, and treat. As such, manual extractions may be done during your visit if appropriate.

While it may take a few minutes to get used to the force of air emitted from the handpiece most clients find it relaxing and soothing.

No. While you do not peel from a Jet Peel facial

Your Jet Peel facial begins with a cleanse using the device. A mixture of detox water, hyaluronic acid, and oxygen removes surface debris and the first superficial layers of dead skin. This process cleanses while infusing moisture and nutrients into the skin. Next, we use a PCA Skin Pore Refining Treatment or Gentle Exfoliant (whichever is appropriate for your skin type) to clear congestion. If necessary, a round of extractions will complete the decongestion process. You will then receive and oxygen mist to calm, soothe, and moisturize. Lastly, we will apply the appropriate correctives and SPF to complete your service.

Your face may have a flushed appearance after the treatment, but this usually subsides within a few minutes to a few hours. A cooling handle can be applied post-treatment to minimize redness.

It is recommended that you use an SPF and avoid sun exposure for 72 hours after the treatment. Because we will layer various products after your treatment your skin may feel a little tacky. For maximum benefits you should avoid washing your face for at least 12 hours. Some of the products used are time released and this amount of time is necessary to allow the products to fully penetrate your skin.

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New Clients Receive $50 Off First Service of $150 or More

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